On October 15, 2021, “Aren Mehrabyan” Charitable Foundation Declared the Official Launch of “IT Training Courses"

15 October 2021

On October 15, 2021, “Aren Mehrabyan” Charitable Foundation declared the official launch of “IT Training Courses” initiated by the Association of European and Armenian Experts of Berlin, the Rehabilitation City of Heroes and "Aren Mehrabyan" Charitable Foundation. The training courses are envisaged for people without proper training, who were disabled in the war and, as a result, lost their jobs, family members of martyred soldiers, as well as for the individuals interested in scientific and technical professions.

During ceremonial opening “Aren Mehrabyan” Charitable Foundation hosted many guests, officials, public figures from Armenia and abroad, like Suren Areents, President of the Rehabilitation City of Heroes NGO, Tigran Manvelyan, the representative of the DavSocial program from Germany, Zareh Sinanyan, RA Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Samvel Harutyunyan, Editor-in-Chief of "Hay Zinvor" magazine, Saro Tadios, director of "Aralez" NGO, Arthur Abraham, world-famous boxing champion. Our heroes, who are the beneficiaries of project also participated in the opening ceremony.

The event started with a Lord's Prayer, followed by speeches by the organizers of the event.  The official opening of the project was conducted by Suren Areents, the chairman of the Rehabilitation City of Heroes NGO.

Mher Mehrabyan, Founder/Director of “Aren Mehrabyan” Charitable Foundation, made a speech, pointing out his excitement for the implementation of this program, as he sees the enthusiasm of participants to overcome illiteracy with education. “Only with highly educated specialist we can have strong country, which is a dream of every Armenian living in diaspora. It will also give a big chance to those people to return to homeland”. In his speech, Mr. Mehrabyan particularly mentioned the dream of his son, Aren Mehrabyan, the immortal Hero, which is “to live in Armenia, to promote the development of science to strengthen the Homeland”. At the end of his speech, Mr. Mehrabyan encouraged the heroic boys not to give up and never drop their dreams, be strong, form a strong family, become highly qualified specialists in their field, which will be the guarantee of the country's power.

Tigran Manvelyan, representative of DavSocial from Germany, quality controller of the program, Zareh Sinanyan, RA Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Arthur Abraham, world-famous boxing champion, also made speeches by encouraging the boys, never be depressed, always be strong, become one fist, have their potential contribution in information technologies, as the most promising field.