Science and Education Academy, Museum-Laboratory

Academy's Goal

The objective of the Science and Education Academy is to educate generations by promoting love for natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) and prioritizing scientific and technological education for the next generation. Under this program, we plan to create museums-laboratories of physics, chemistry and biology where children and students will be able to see and participate in scientific experiments done by prominent scientists, share the same feelings and emotions the authors of these discoveries and inventions once had.


  • The structure of the museum-laboratory building is similar to the evolution of the human mind. Once in the building, you get an exceptional opportunity to travel through the path of science development, one by one seeing and participating in scientific experiments that made a breakthrough in the history of humankind.
  • The setting in the museum-laboratory replicates the atmosphere of the times when certain inventions were made, giving the visitor full understanding about conditions and process of the discovery.
  • In the museum-laboratory, the experiments will be presented using copies of the original tools and exactly the same way as the scientist conceived and performed them. 
  • The structure of the museum-laboratory building will be based on a modern analogue of the Tower of Babel, which, from the outside, will depict the aspiration of the human mind to perfection - to divine creation.
  • The museum-laboratory building will constantly remain unfinished, it will always be under construction. Similarly, the development of human mind is incomplete, always progressing... 
Science and Education Academy, Museum-Laboratory

Who can visit our museum-laboratory?

The museum-laboratory is a perfect place for young children, school-age children, students, teachers, lecturers, scientists, researchers, as well as individuals interested in the topic.

Children will have an opportunity to participate in experiments and discover the miracle of science themselves.

Students will be able to carry out various experiments to further develop their theoretical knowledge.  

Teachers and lecturers will get an opportunity to study the evolution of scientific experiments with the theories they teach. 

Scientists will be able to perform scientific experiments, both in already existing laboratories as well as in new laboratories they have designed. 

The doors of the museum-laboratory are always open for the visitors to have entertaining time and interact with real science.