• War veterans with disabilities, servicemen injured in military operations as well as family members of martyred servicemen.
    Young women and men interested in science and technology.
  • One idea of training leading specialists will unite us all. The only prerequisite is to take the learning process seriously and diligently do their work. We guarantee employment to alumni based on their professional skills and progress.
  • Carefully read the application form; anyone who meets the eligibility criteria can fill out the form and be admitted to our educational system.
    All programs are ex gratis - free of charge.
  • Yes. All interested and concerned individuals and organizations may take these courses on a paid basis. Collected income will be used for educational purposes.
  • We will provide a platform to professionals, who achieved success in their respective fields, to share their knowledge and conduct seminars. There will also be a number of motivating discussions for students in a friendly yet highly practical environment.
  • If you wish to contribute to the scientific and technological development in Armenia, you can also contact us via our e-mail.
  • We prefer to cooperate with other benevolent organizations, foundations and nonprofit organizations with programs compatible with our standards to save financial resources and time.