Earthquake hazards in Armenia and Introduction of seismic isolation of civil buildings in Armenia

6 April 2022

Recently, on the initiative of "Aren Mehrabyan " Charitable Foundation, Mr. Michael Melkumyan, the President of the Armenian Association of Seismic Construction, Academician of the St. Petersburg and Athens Academies of Science and Education, Doctor-Professor of Technical Sciences, delivered a lecture at the Foundation on the Earthquake hazards in Armenia and Introduction of seismic iolation systems. The invited professor spoke in detail about the dangers of earthquakes in Armenia, preventive methods to make existing and newly built constructions seismically safe.  Particularly, Mr. Melkumyan introduced the innovative method of seismic isolation systems, which are layered rubber-metal supporters.

Mr. Melkumyan also created "Melkumyan Hysteresis Model" for shear behavior of structures, implemented unique methods for seismic protection of existing buildings through base and roof isolation without interruption of the use of the buildings. He created original approach on applying clusters of small size rubber bearings in isolation systems. Has 246 scientific works, including 21 books (6 monographs) and designed 100 buildings.